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Sea Horse Launches Cross-chain NFT&DeFi Aggregation Platform

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Sea Horse will launch a basic NFT collectibles distribution and trading function. Institutions and individuals can issue various data source NFT projects on Sea Horse, including music, games, metaverse, social and other fields. At the same time, these NFT commodities issued on Sea Horse will be deeply integrated with DeFi through mortgage loans, liquidity mining, crowdfunding, etc., in order to tap more financial characteristics of NFT commodities.

Sea Horse project background

The Sea Horse team embodies the spirit of decentralization, with members from all over the world. The team consists of long-serving and experienced smart contract developers and a professional operations team. The Sea Horse team has been developing DAPP since 2019.When DeFi emerged, with years of project development experience, the team came together to reimagine what a blockchain platform should be, and research how to solve problems that other platforms couldn’t solve in the past. Bad user experience with major institutions like Paypal and Square accept Bitcoin all the time.There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular.

However, different from DeFi,DAPP growth has been stagnant until the arrival of DeFi. But it is clear that its user growth has not been the same compared to the broader crypto market. It seems that the current decentralized applications are not focused on everyday users, which makes it difficult for beginner to get started.

With many developers looking for the next hot spot, many projects are turning to NFTs.The concept of NFTs is not new, but how smart contracts can benefit both creators and users was one of the original ideas of the Sea Horse team.

The real value of NFTs With many developers looking for the next big thing, many projects are turning to NFTs. The concept of NFTs is not new, but how smart contracts can benefit both creators and users was one of the original ideas of the Sea Horse team.

Introduction to Sea Horse

Sea Horse is a cross-chain NFT & DeF decentralized liquidity mining platform that unlocks the huge potential of blockchain finance through the combination of NFT and DeFi, and achieves decentralized governance through DAO.

Sea Horse will explore more NFT protocols and provide different NFT issuance and combination methods, including:

①NFT dynamic agreement ②NFT cross-chain agreement ③NFT financial agreement ④NFT split recast

Sea Horse will run on multiple blockchain networks at the same time, and SOO will circulate in multiple blockchain networks through cross-chain bridges


Sea Horse Core Features

Liquidity mining.

Obtain the specified Token by providing liquidity for the NFT, or obtain the NFT by providing liquidity for the specified Token.

mortgage loan.

Crypto users can borrow other tokens by staking their NFT instead of selling it. Once the loan interest is conditionally repaid, users can withdraw their NFT assets from the escrow contract.

lease transaction.

In-game assets use the NFT standard to implement heroes or props, then gamers can rent out the NFTs to others for use.

Sea Horse Token.

A total of 9.49 million SOOs will be issued, of which 8.841 million will be produced by staking.The pledged funds will be rewarded in other Smart Pools through smart contracts, and all SOO holders who participate in the pledge will share this part of the income.

Year 1: The monthly output is reduced by 5% from the previous month;

Year 2: monthly output decreased by 4% compared to the previous month;

Year 3: Monthly output decreased by 3% from the previous month;

Year 4: Monthly output decreased by 2% from the previous month;

Years 5-17: Monthly output decreased by 1% from the previous month.

SOO is the platform’s native token, which can be used for platform governance, staking, NFT auctions, etc. Take on the following functions in the platform:

dividend rights

All users who hold SOO will get Sea Horse. Income dividends and fee reductions brought by the platform’s NFT product sales and circulation process

Governance Vote

As an open source platform, major events in the development process of Sea Horse will be voted by SOO users to participate in decision-making

transaction payment

Users can participate in the transaction of NFT commodities through SOO. These transactions usually occur between users, such as NFT collectibles or game items

Project crowdfunding

Users can participate in the early crowdfunding of a single NFT project on the Sea Horse platform through SOO and get project airdrops

Sea Horse Mission

Every project wants to strive to increase user engagement with its product, whether it’s getting users to spend time, effort, or money. But whether it is economic benefits or other benefits, there is only one direction of flow, that is, the chain of benefits flows from users to project parties.

Sea Horse has developed a complete set of truly decentralized tools and a complete smart contract ecosystem to ensure that users can truly participate and be rewarded for their contributions to the community. Whether it’s liquidity mining, designing and creating unique NFTs, or just using all the tools provided by the Sea Horse platform, everyone who participates and contributes to the Sea Horse ecosystem will be rewarded by the platform.

A brief history of NFT&DeFi development

Business Background.

What is NFT? Non-Fungible Token NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is the only and inseparable Token, such as tokenized game props, tickets, artwork, etc.

l In 2017, CryptoKitties was the first NFT project to receive public attention

l In 2018, the NFT ecology gradually sprouted, and platforms such as SuperRare, OpenSea, Rarible, NiftyGateway appeared, and users could freely create and trade NFTs

l In 2019, F1, Nike and other brands began to intervene in the NFT market

l In 2020, Atari, Ubisoft, and the traditional collectible card market have also begun to intersect with NFT, and more brands have intervened, and the NFT market has reached a scale of 250 million US dollars

l In 2021, traditional industries such as Christie’s, Twitter CEO tweets, Tesla CEO songs, NBATopShot, music and other traditional industries have entered the NFT field, making the NFT market reach an unprecedented scale

l In 2022, the global NFT transaction volume will exceed 50 billion US dollars so far, an increase of more than 200%

NFT Application


With the growing interest in developing the metaverse, NFTs have seen multiple use cases in both the virtual and real worlds. NFTs can be used as a passport to participate in events, and this trend can be applied to participate in various things, such as participating in various events held in the metaverse.


Convertibility is also one of the enabling trends of NFTs. Instead of simply getting and holding NFTs, collectors can exchange them for different types of goods. NFT holders can exchange it for another digital or real-world asset. This trend will continue to increase over the next few years, allowing collectors to redeem virtual goods for use in the Metaverse.​

Increase awareness.

NFTs are creating new crowdfunding opportunities for different types of businesses. The popularity of NFTs is a great opportunity for businesses to raise awareness and crowdfunding. Brands and businesses can reach their potential customer base by releasing their own version of NFT collections. For example, Coca-Cola experimented with this mechanism by creating its first series of NFTs. Its purpose is to raise funds for Special Olympics International, a sports organization that aims to eliminate discrimination against people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

NFT Interoperability.

While many realize the potential of non-fungible tokens for utility, NFTs have not achieved their full potential in today’s applications, in part because of the limitations and complexities of current NFT blockchain standards. Random number processing requires expensive gas transfer fees, so it cannot show true synergy. ‌

To solve this problem, Sea HorseNFT chose to generate standard NFTs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In this way, when NFTs are generated on the Binance Smart Chain, gas transfer fees can be significantly reduced, and more complex underlying logic can be provided for the creation of NFTs.

True interoperability can be achieved in two ways: through interoperability between blockchains or interoperability between applications. Sea Horse solves this problem by providing NFT bridging capabilities to create pervasive interoperability between blockchains and applications.

Cross-chain NFT operating mechanism.

Each Sea Horse user can provide stable coins (USDT) or liquidity pool tokens (SOO) from a pool designated by the platform. By staking these tokens into the platform, users can earn income. The system automatically compound revenue into the pool, benefiting users and their revenue.

NFTs then become active on the platform and can be staked to mine SOO governance tokens. There are different NFTs with a certain rarity (increase in computing power). The higher the NFT level, the stronger its mining power. Additionally, users can sell these NFTs on Sea Horse.

Cross-chain NFT security risks.

Since other DeFi platforms have been attacked many times by hackers, the Sea Horse team attaches great importance to security issues and thoroughly analyzes the form of each attack to ensure that we continue to optimize smart contracts and reduce the risks to user funds security. At present, the smart contracts of the Sea Horse platform have been certified by Certik.

Some of the smart contract optimizations currently being done include, but are not limited to:

1. Prevent Lightning Attacks.

Lightning attacks must be performed within the same block. To prevent this from happening on the Sea Horse yield aggregator, the user’s request needs to be executed with a delay of 3 blocks after the user’s last lending operation.

When investing on a DeFi platform where the exchange rate changes in real time, the user’s deposit does not immediately trigger all the operations of investing on the corresponding platform. Instead, the strategy will be triggered and controlled by TimeLock to delay investment operations on the corresponding DeFi platform. Therefore, arbitrage trading operations are not performed in the same transaction and in the same block.

2. Make staking easier.

When a user pledges a small amount of funds, the action does not immediately trigger this strategy. Conversely, this strategy is triggered and executed when funds exceed a certain amount, saving users gas transfer fees.

Similarly, when investing digital assets in a single token pool, the liquidity pool will have reserves to meet the demand for small withdrawals, rather than direct operation withdrawals from the corresponding DEFI platform. The demand for small withdrawals will be withdrawn from a secure reserve pool, which is beneficial for improving security and reducing gas transfer fees.

The future of the industry.

According to statistics, the transaction volume in 2021 will reach 17.69 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 21,350%. The number of owners reached 2.301 million, a year-on-year increase of 2952%, and the number of sellers reached 1.19 million, a year-on-year increase of 3669%. The popularity of NFT transactions has continued to heat up this year. According to statistics, the NFT transaction volume in the first quarter of this year has exceeded the transaction volume in the whole of last year. As of March 24, this year’s NFT transaction volume has reached $26 billion, an increase of about 47% over last year’s full-year transaction. This rapid development quickly attracted more investors’ attention, making NFTs a craze, even described by some as the future of digital assets.

The number of NFT markets is growing exponentially. When the NFT trend emerges, OpenSea is the only leading NFT market in 2021. However, the current launch of multiple NFT marketplaces is changing that. Although Opensea continued to maintain its leading NFT market position, the 30-day trading volume was approximately $2.64 billion. The LooksRareNFT market ranks second with over $2.3 billion in 30-day trading volume. Launched in January 2022, the platform has seen widespread adoption in a short period of time.

With the recent launch of the SolanaNFT marketplace, the Solana network has also gained significant traction in the crypto community. Solana’s NFT sales crossed the $1.6 billion mark as of April 2022, making it the third active blockchain network by NFT sales after Ethereum and Ronin.

In the crypto community, the NFT trend is not going away anytime soon. Different types of NFT empowerment, and the ability to generate passive income by staking NFTs, will only continue to increase the number of NFT holders. With the burgeoning innovation and development, the use of NFTs will continue to increase significantly in the coming years.

What is DeFi?

DeFi is the English abbreviation of decentralized finance. It is a concept opposite to “centralized finance” or CeFi. It mainly refers to the construction of programmable public blockchain networks such as Ethereum, which is anchored and borrowed with cryptocurrency value. It is a blockchain application project composed of a series of smart contracts and applications.

DeFi Applications.

From the perspective of DeFi ecological applications, there are currently thousands of DeFi projects, and we are seeing the early stages of a brand new industry. Including decentralized exchanges, stable coins, atomic swap protocols, insurance products, lending platforms, trade finance platforms, custody platforms, venture capital platforms, etc., almost covering the main areas of traditional finance. But most of them run on Ethereum. After several years of slow development, DeFi is currently in a period of rapid development.

Sea Horse DAO community.

What is DAO?

DAO is Decentralized Autonomous Organization, decentralized autonomous organization, also translated as “self-association organization”. DAO is an organization that can operate autonomously in a democratic voting paradigm without centralized intervention and management through a series of open rules.

The governance rights of a DAO are usually expressed by a set of homogeneous or non-homogeneous governance tokens (governance tokens)

DAO usually does not set up decision-making layers and management layers, and adopts the method of community democratic voting to govern.

DAO is an open, transparent and democratic way of organizational governance.

The biggest difference between Sea Horse DAO and other decentralized blockchain governance coins is voting rights. Sea Horse DAO allows holders to vote and participate in the decision-making process of large and small matters. The members of Sea Horse DAO adopt the method of one person, one vote; other decentralized blockchain governance coins allocate voting rights according to their holding ratios. Most of the founding teams hold a certain amount of governance coins, allowing them to retain a certain amount of influence in decision-making. The Sea Horse DAO coin can limit the influence of big players when voting, and it also allows direct voting by majority, which is much more direct.

Sea Horse Development Plan.

Stage 1.

Complete project planning and development of early versions.

Stage 2.

Complete early investment, open pledge mining.

Stage 3.

Launched NFT collectibles issuance and trading functions, enabling liquidity mining of pledged funds and NFT pledged lending.

Stage 4.

Launch more NFT projects, including games, music, etc., to enable DeFi functions of various types of NFT assets.

Sea Horse Target.

Short-term goal: To become the world’s first cross-chain DeFi & NFT aggregation platform.

Mid-term goal: Sea Horse governance platform (DAO), users who hold platform governance tokens (SOO) participate in platform decision-making.

Long-term goal: To realize the general liquidity of NFT and become the global industry leader.




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